Ipswich Kyokushin Krate Club was established in 1990, offers stability and ongoing development for new students and those who may have started training at a Kyokushin dojo elsewhere in Australia or overseas.

Club Instructor, Mike Wyvill, has more than 30 years’ experience in training and tournament fighting. He has guided numerous students to achieve national championship status and high grade levels.

Training sessions are flexible to accommodate individual students’ needs, as well as prepare for upcoming gradings and tournaments.

Self-defence classes specially designed for women are organised on request.

The club is socially-active, with regular get-togethers after training, gradings, and tournaments. Family involvement is encouraged to enhance students’ progress and enjoyment.

Upcoming Events

Senior Grading

QLD Christmas Party and Award Night

Junior Grading

  • (Tue) 4th December 2018, 6:00pm Sharp
  • Ipswich Dojo

Last Training Day for 2018

  • (Thur) 13th December 2018

Ipswich Christmas Party

First Training Day for 2019

  • (Tue) 15th January 2019




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